Silver Package

  • Basic Career Assessment – a short test
  • Sourcing Jobs – internet, social media, networking, focused research, informational interviewing, profession/industry-based, etc.
  • Cover Letter & Resume Development – customized resume and/or cover letter developed with client/HR Representative. Includes a second review by HR Rep to ensure the resume/cover letter is marketed correctly. Candidate receives both an electronic copy of resume/cover letter in both a word document and PDF format.
  • Interviewing Advice – preparation for the interview process and the different types (phone, in-person, panel, etc.) including review of questions to be asked before, during, and after the interview and how to answer interview questions. Additional coverage includes the follow-up process after the interview, composing a 2-Minute Elevator Speech, and compensation negotiation.
  • LinkedIn, Facebook Development create a detailed profile on LinkedIn – resume focused. Create a professional summary that is keyword-specific, easier for a profile to be found in search results. Develop contact settings, informing connections (and recruiters) of career options. Options include: career opportunities, consulting offers, new ventures, job inquiries, reference requests, etc. Create a public profile URL, making it easier to post a LinkedIn URL.

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