Why Athletes

Our targeted athlete-candidates have core attributes, or “biodata” which has proven to be an accurate performance predictor and adds value to a corporate team. This biodata includes:

  • Coachable:  they’ve developed good listening skills, taken direction well, and see constructive criticism vital to achieving their goals.
  • Competitive:  the experience of winning and losing has tested their abilities against tough competition.
  • Confidence:  believing in their own abilities to produce under pressure, even when the odds are stacked against them, and remaining optimistic.
  • Discipline:  organized, observant, and able to give maximum effort on a regular basis.
  • Highly Focused:  able to concentrate energies, screening out competing priorities, in order to be successful.
  • Loyalty:  willing to support the team under any circumstance, understanding its contribution to the morale and success of the team.
  • Persistence:  continually performing – under various circumstances – believing intensity, preparation, and determination will pay off.
  • Resilience: tested by both successes and failures, they bounce back and soldier on.
  • Team Player:  the goals and successes of the organization (team) come first before egos and personal objectives.
  • Time Management: balancing commitments to academics, training and competing, and family and friends.