NexGoal Franchise Opportunities

NexGoal offers a proven business model and recruiting best practices with training that works to create a successful business model. We are seeking driven entrepreneurs that want to capitalize on their core athletic traits. As a NexGoal franchisee you will provide recruiting services utilizing NexGoal’s unique approach to recruiting that identifies the biodata associated with top tier talent in critical positions with companies. Whether you decide to become a Regional Developer or an Individual Franchisee, working with NexGoal promotes a service that is both professionally and financially rewarding. Work with people like yourself; become a part of a team of athletes working with former athletes. Initial investment required.

NexGoal identified this niche market and was founded to serve businesses as a strategic talent acquisition partner. NexGoal recruits the highest quality athlete-candidates for businesses seeking competitively driven talent for their corporate teams.

Join the NexGoal team and work with a team of athletes helping other athletes.
NexGoal franchisees receive the benefits of our unique process and industry experience. You will be provided these competitive advantages with a NexGoal franchise

  • NexGoal Game Plan: personalized business plan for your success
  • NexGoal Training Camp: world class training and ongoing professional development
  • NexGoal Technology: state-of-the-art CRM and dashboard system to manage your business
  • NexGoal Support: access to our system wide databases, research tools and staff
  • NexGoal Brand: highly respected advisors within our unique market

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